Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Since its inception, A1 Medical Imaging has become a model of excellence in the diagnostic industry. From its home office in downtown Sarasota, Florida, the company maintains primary in-house functions of administration, human resources, transcription, finance, insurance contracting, information systems and technology, billing and collections, and medical technology, as well as overseeing the operation of all A1 Medical Imaging Diagnostic Centers.

A1 Medical Imaging takes on technology of today to increase efficiency. A1 Medical Imaging can monitor the performance and operation of each center from a central location,  Successfully assuring cost effectiveness and efficiency throughout the organization. It is also the key to the company’s management methodology. Radiology at our facilities is handled  through multiple teleradiography installations. Our PACS server, interfaced with A1 Medical Imaging’s in-house transcription capabilities allows for radiological excellence.  A1 Medical Imaging can now facilitate the needs of its patients and the medical community as never before.

Through its inception our Management Team has stayed consistent. Our leadership team has 100s of years experience in manueving the diagnostic imaging field. Only allowed for through its ability to pivot. When change is initiated or presented – our team stands strong. We call it offensive adaptation. We look forward to serving you with newer technology around the corner.

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