What Is A1 Medical Imaging

A1 Medical Imaging has become a model of excellence in the diagnostic industry. From its home office in downtown Sarasota, Florida, the company maintains primary in-house functions of administration, human resources, transcription, finance, insurance contracting, information systems and technology, billing and collections, and medical technology. As well as overseeing the operation of all A1 Medical Imaging Diagnostic Centers. Utilizing “state of the art” computer technology, A1 Medical Imaging can monitor the overall performance and operation of each center from this one central location, successfully assuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency throughout the company.


What To Expect From Your MRI

Normally no special preparation is required prior to an MR exam (check with your physician to be sure no special preparations are necessary on an individual basis). You may eat normally and go about your daily routine. Continue to take any medication prescribed by your doctor unless otherwise directed.

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