Over the last 4 or 5 years MRI technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Some of the latest advances in MRI technology has resulted in more comfortable MRI scans for patients, faster scan times, and clearer images. Here are some of the latest advances in MRI technology you should be aware of.

Open MRI Scanners

When it comes to patient comfort one of the most notable advances in MRI technology is the new open MRI scanners. These scanners allow patients to stand, sit or lie down during the scan without being encased in a coffin like capsule. Open MRI scanners have reduced patients anxiety, claustrophobic feelings and the need for rescans when patients move or panic during the scans. In addition, open MRI scanners can result in less expensive scanning costs for patients and insurance providers.

Recent Advances in Software

In addition to open MRI scanners new advances in software technology has allowed for clearer MRI imaging including being able to image areas of the body that were difficult or impossible to get a clear of image of just a couple of years ago. Some of these advances in software include:

  • MAGiC Software Program- Magnetic resonance image complication software is a new software program that delivers 8 contrasts in a single acquisition in less time than conventional imaging. This software modifies image contrasts after the scan has been complicated. The MAGic software program results in saving time during scans, the need for fewer rescans and overall cost savings.
  • UTE Software Program- Before the UTE software program, getting a clear image of the lungs was impossible. With the new UTE software program imaging of the lungs is now possible giving the medical profession one more tool in being able to diagnose and treat various lung conditions.
  • Viosworks- Viosworks simplifies Cardiac MRIs by allowing for 7D cardiac MRI images. This software program not only results in clearer cardiac images, but also speeds the cardiac scanI time from 70 minute down to just 10 minutes

Scanning People with Implants

Just a few years age it was impossible to scan patients who had implants from knee or hip replacement surgeries as well as other implants now new advances in MRI technology medical professional can scan patients who have implants under certain conditions or criteria.

Development of More Powerful Scanners

In Minnesota they have developed a more powerful MRI scanner. Where the current MRI machines scan at 1.5 Tesla, this new scanner scans at 10.5 Tesla. This more powerful MRI machine allows for better scanning of the brain anatomy and activity, which may result in better treatment for various types of mental illness and other brain conditions.

Each and every advancement in MRI technology leads to providing the medical profession with better tools to diagnose various conditions thus allowing for faster diagnosis of various conditions a better change of treating these conditions successfully.

While not all technological advances are good, those improving MRI imagining are considered to be invaluable to the medical community.