Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A1 Medical Imaging is dedicated to answer any questions you have regarding your MRI.

To speak to a live representative please contact your local center.

Q. What is an MRI?

A. An MRI is a medical tool that uses magnets, radio waves, and computers to obtain detailed pictures of the inside of the human body. It is used because it does not need any x-ray radiation and provides the most detailed pictures possible of the inside of the human body without causing any harm to the body. MRI can also provide some information about the function of normal and abnormal body parts.

Q. Preauthorization – Do MRI procedures require preauthorization from my health care plan/insurance

A. There are some plans that do require preauthorization. Please call the telephone number on your insurance card for details.

Q. No Medical Insurance – What do I do if I don’t have medical insurance? How do I know what an MRI will cost?

A. If you do not have medical insurance please contact your local center for an estimate.

Q. Scheduling – How can I work around my schedule to proceed with my MRI?

A. A1 Medical Imaging will work with your schedule to provide excellence in patient care. We will make arrangements for your MRI procedure whether it’s after hours or on the weekend.

Q. Procedure and Preparation – Is there any specific clothing requirement for my MRI ?

A. It is important to wear comfortable clothing. Must be metal-free. It may be necessary to change into a patient gown. A dressing room and locker is provided.

Q. Arriving before my MRI – What time should I arrive for my MRI evaluation?

A. Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time. It is necessary you arrive early to fill out paperwork and prepare for your MRI examination.