Easy as an Open MRI

Easy as an Open MRI My 84 year-old mother slipped and fell the other day. At least I think she did. She was strangely reticent about telling me what happened but I could see she was favoring her left side. I started to make an appointment for the [...]

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Schedule Your MRI When You Want!

Schedule Your MRI When You Want! When you choose A1 Medical Imaging to conduct your diagnostic tests, you have made a great decision. Not only do we offer comprehensive scanning, state of the art technology and highly trained technicians, A1 Medical Imaging also offers flexibility. We understand that [...]

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CT Scan Radiation Danger

CT Scan Radiation Danger MRI, CT, X-RAYS, and Radiation Exposure in Medicine The value and usage of MRI in medical care has continued to increase because of its ever increasing ability to safely study the human body and because MRI has continued to allow decreased usage of [...]

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Advantage of an Open MRI

Advantage of an Open MRI As a practicing Neurologist with over 30 years experience in both the brain and spine, there are numerous patients who are unable to tolerate a “closed MRI” system. The MRI tube can be extremely uncomfortable for claustrophobic patients and may not fit obese [...]

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Benefits of an Open MRI

Benefits of an Open MRI A closed cylindrical MRI scanner can provide nice MRI images in right patient or right clinical situation. However there are many situations where Open MRI scanners can provide superior images or can provide very useful images in situations where a closed MRI scanner [...]

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