Advantage of an Open MRI

As a practicing Neurologist with over 30 years experience in both the brain and spine, there are numerous patients who are unable to tolerate a “closed MRI” system. The MRI tube can be extremely uncomfortable for claustrophobic patients and may not fit obese or overweight individuals.

The “open  MRI” system have been dramatically improved and the image quality from open versus closed is equivalent. There is no significant degradation in image quality based on the open MRI system.  Open MRI systems are ideal for overweight individuals, claustrophobic patients and even patients who are uncomfortable in semi-closed environments. They are also extremely helpful in the pediatric population.

The patients and doctors should never be under the mistaken impression that “open MRI” systems are of inferior quality and in fact, the lack of motion and the ability to scan large patients provides for increased quality in open versus closed system for a significant segment of any population.